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Round robin draws, with permission of Curling Canada, hosted by the St. Vital Curling Club.


round robin DrawMaster© is the unofficial draw developer for Curling Canada, and has developed round robins for events such as the Brier and Tournament of Hearts.


The downloadable Excel file contains over 300 round robin draws, built for 2 to 10 sheets of available ice. The draws are constructed to contain the appropriate number of teams, either as a single group, or in the ideal number of groups.


Available are the most common “standard” (s) and “early-late” (e) round robin draws, plus a number of “competitive” (c) round robin draws (used in events like the Brier). The principle draw information is in “common sheet format ” (teams find their sheet of play for each draw time, and their opposition will be the other team listed on the same sheet).


The Intro worksheet provides instructions for using the template.


These draws have been generated for the best possible fair and balanced sheet use, and thoroughly checked for accuracy.

If, however, you find a discrepancy in any file, or you are unable to find a draw for your particular need, send your details to

the St. Vital Curling Club, at, and we will try to accommodate you with an appropriate solution.


round robin DrawMaster©, Curling Canada, and the St. Vital Curling Club assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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